Tuesday, July 25, 2017

July is Jumping!!!

Hello, hello, hello!

It's me again, here to post some bridal party tees that I finally completed.  Now, there is a quick crafty, nightmarish story behind these shirts...

I was originally approached about these shirts back in May, but we didn't finalize the customization until June.  I thought the order needed to be done my the end of July; but I found out the hard way that I was a week off!!  OMG.  I dug in, like we crafters do, under a tight deadline; and everything seemed to be working out, until... the word "Bridesmaid" would not cut for 3 of the 5 shirts!! WTW?!!!  I changed the font 4 times, and I still could not get a clean cut.  Well, I ended up not delivering the finished shirts as anticipated; but was able to finally work some crafting magic to get them done before the wedding.  I told the client that I felt so bad about missing the original deadline, that I was willing to take the loss.  Nonetheless, here are the finished tees.

Thanks for looking.  These are also posted on my FB page - Taylor-Made Creations.

Design ideas via Pinterest.


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