Wednesday, June 18, 2014

It's Been a While...

Good Morning Friends, Family and Faithful Followers,

Since my last post, DS has graduated from 8th grade and is heading to high school!! WTW?!! Right?!  LOL.  In celebration of this milestone, a few of us are getting together at one of my DS's favorite restaurants to celebrate his transition.  So, the crafter in me decided to force myself out of this slump I've been in, and make some invitations.  I wanted to do something a little different, so I went to Google and Youtube!  I struck gold with "How'd she DO that?" (Dawn O.).  Thanks to Dawn's tutorial on a graduation cap fun fold card, I was able to make some adorable invitations for the graduation celebration.

I followed the tutorial to the letter, EXCEPT for the tassels.  I decided to check out the Silhouette store (during the 40% off sale), and grabbed a couple of tassel files.  The first one didn't work out b/c I couldn't change the year tag in the file ($.59 down the drain - LOL!).  So, I used the second file, which included a shadow image... and voila, the tassel was born!  LMBO.  Anyway, I decided to attach each tassel with a brad (at this point, color didn't really matter).  Much to my surprise, though, this embellishment cost me an additional $.21/card to mail (not b/c of weight, but bulkiness - really??)!!  Now that did it!!

DS told me he had 2 teachers that he really enjoyed this school year; so he asked if I could make them something special.  Well, of course, I went back to the Silhouette Store to find some more files at 40% off!  I found a couple of teacher quotes that I could cut in vinyl and put on a canvas.  Due to time constraints and exhaustion, I was only able to complete one canvas for his homeroom/Science teacher (favorite, too).  Here's the finished project:

Well, now that we've caught up, thanks for visiting my little (slightly neglected) slice of paradise.



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  1. Great projects Lisa! Yep.... those vinyl projects are no joke when it comes to the weeding and placement. But they always turn out nicely!