Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Happy New Year!

I am coming to you with big hopes and aspirations of stepping up my crafting game in 2018!  One thing that I hope to do this year is attend more craft shows, workshops and retreats, as well as have the inventory to support the effort!  LOL.

Many times we, as crafters, make cards or quick orders for close friends and family, and don't always remember to make extras to keep in stock.  I'm guilty of this, for sure!  In addition, we must remember to take photos of our completed projects; so if we don't make extras, we can at least recreate the projects from the photos.  

My daughter wanted to participate in spirit week at her school; and came up with a idea for "twin day"  The end result is in the picture below!  I love it when my daughter (my mini-me} has such cute crafty ideas!  LOL.

On the flip side... I had a customer request custom Christian shirts for her and her husband; but I forgot to take a picture of the shirts!!  SMH.

2018 is my year of greater... greater wisdom; greater faith; greater love; greater opportunities to build my business; greater opportunities to craft and create customized cards, gifts and special events! 

Thanks for your support in 2017!
Thanks, in advance, for your support in 2018!!



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