Monday, October 16, 2017

80th Birthday Album Completed

Hello good people!

It's been a while since my last post; but I cannot apologize for it!  LOL.  I took a much-needed vacation and rested my brain!  I prayed that my mojo would return to me, full force, so I can finish this year with a nice stash of cards, albums, or whatever God would have me to work on. 

My sista, Cassie, and I decided to stow away for a few days earlier this month, to just craft to our hearts' content!  As a result, I was able to finally finish my mom's 80th Birthday Celebration album, which was also my very first Kathy King project!!  As you may recall, I started working on this project around Christmas, and put the photos in during the Spring retreat in Massanutten.  Well, I realized that I also needed to make the storage box, so mom could showcase her gift, without damaging the actual book.  Here's the end result.

Storage Box

Front cover

Back Cover



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